Healthy People, Vibrant Farms, Food Secure Communities

FMNP Collaboration Graphic

 FMNP Program is a statewide collaboration.


Together we strive to:

  • enhance health of nutritionally at risk residents
  • promote use of farmers’ markets by Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program clients and low income seniors
  • support New York state market farmers
  • encourage fruit and vegetable production
  • promote development of farmers’ markets for sustainable communities

Cornell’s FMNP goals are to strengthen local farmers’ markets and enhance the food security of low income consumers.


What are we doing in New York City?

Families need healthy advice about ways to cook vegetables. We help shoppers meet their local farmers. We help them decide how to use the many types of fresh produce for sale.

Woman showing customer example at a CCE cooking station in NYCIn 2019, 20,053 people at 9 farmers’ markets visited Cornell University Cooperative Extension cooking and learning stations in the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.

Most of those individuals tasted farm fresh produce cooked using simple nutritious recipes.

Our teams of community educators and college volunteers help bridge the gap between communities in need and farmers who grow vegetables locally.

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Three people preparing food at the CCE cooking station in NYCNeed to find a farmers’ market near you?

To find a New York State Farmers Market that supports EBT/Food Stamps (SNAP benefits) visit SNAP to Market

To find a New York State Farmers Market near you visit NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets

Want recipes using market fresh produce? 

Download Farmers’ Market Recipes