CUCE-NYC Executive Director Introduces Cornell’s Urban Extension Programs To Chinese Delegation

By Kritika Kulshrestha

IMG_20151029_103436-1u1cayx-1024x768 edited In a special event Oct. 29 at the Cornell University Cooperative Extension office in New York City CUCE-NYC Executive Director Jenni fer Tiffany introduced a 20-member delegation from China’s government agencies to Cornell University’s urban extension programs.

IMG_20151029_103750-2mqic3t-1024x768 editedDelegation members comprised those from China’s Ministry of Finance, the National Agriculture Comprehensive Development Office, the Foreign Investment Department, the Environment Evaluation Department, and the Yunnan Provincial Agriculture Comprehensive Development Office.

Some delegation members were particularly interested about the implementation of hydroponics and aquaponics in New York City, including the use of mini-hydroponics units as part of the science curricula in schools. Tiffany’s presentation focused on the impact of CUCE-NYC’s programs and workshops in the areas of nutrition and health, science and technology education, and youth development on New York City residents.